PHP deployment: the right way

Recently I prepared a presentation about how to deploy PHP application properly. I spoke about major problems which we have to handle when we deploy an application. Also I prepared a list of different deployment tools in PHP (and not only) and gave some tips on how to deploy with Rocketeer.

You can find my presentation here (note, that you can use not only left/right arrow keys for navigation, but also up and down arrow keys).

Simple XML-RPC client for PHP

Once I needed to make some XML-RPC method calls, but faced with the lack of simple implementation of it.

I tried to use different libraries, but they are too complicated. For, example PEAR's xml-rpc implementation is quite difficult to install on Windows and not always possible to install on Linux shared hosting. And XML-RPC for PHP at sourceforge have some problems with UTF-8 characters encoding. So I created my on simple XML-RPC client.